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This section will keep you informed of how we're reaching the public and government. Below you'll find links to articles written about SSTF, radio interviews, and proposals we have submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

Read our 2024 Pre-Budget Submission to the Federal Finance Committee

2023 Finance Committee report 

 See Recommendation 115 on examining the measures available to seniors to ensure equitable treatment between single seniors and senior couples 

Virtual Meet and Greet
October 26th,2023
  Zoom call to meet with the dedicated SSTF volunteers as well as the supporters of the organization. Learn about our cause and initiatives 

August 22, 2023 article by Rob Carrick,
Personal Finance Columnist, Globe & Mail

                 Interview with SSTF Director, Elizabeth Brown                                          

Interview on "City News" AM680  

SSTF was interviewed on AM680 City News in March 2023 which was broadcasted nationally! Listen to it below.

SSTF on AM680 City News

CBC Radio "The Cost of Living" May 2021 

"The Cost of Living" featured a segment about the unfairness in the tax system for single seniors. SSTF's supporters were interviewed.

Official Paper Petitions were read in the House of Commons

 Presented by MP Elizabeth May in March 2023:

Presented by MP Judy Sgro in February 2023: 

Presented by Liberal MP Churence Rogers in December 2022.

Presented by Conservative MP John Brassard in November 2022.

Presented by NDP MP Alistair MacGregor in June 2022.

Official E-Petition was read in the House of Commons

Presented by MP Julie Dzerowicz in March 2022.

Weighing the fairness of pension income splitting 

"On the Go"

With Anthony Germain on the CBC on Feb 15, 2024

A Seniors Tax Webinar 

With MP Julie Dabrusin on Feb 29,2024

City News Everywhere

Single seniors demand tax fairness with Larry Fedoruk on March 25,2024

Starts at 18:10

Thorold Today

Single Seniors Push For Fairer Taxation On March 12, 2024 

The Standard

‘Overtaxed’: Niagara resident says ‘fairer’ system needed for single seniors 

April 11, 2024 

The Tim Powers Show


Starts at 22:00

April 4, 2024 

CKPG Today 

Interview with Cheryl Jahn on CKPG in Prince George BC

April 15, 2024 

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